FLEX BAR (Hotel Kouros Beach Bar)

Flex Bar, in front of Hotel Kouros, is a cocktail music bar in essence and we are proud to say that we make the best mohitos, using our own lemons, best (and strongest) Long Island Ice Tea, Mai Tai, Cuba Libra, Pinha Colada, Fruit Punch, B52’s, Margerita’s and all the cocktails you would like to order as long as we have the ingredients. All our main cocktails cost 7 euro, the special drinks (tequila, Jack Daniels, Grant Marnier, Cointreau etc) cost 6 euro and the classic drinks [vodka, red whiskey, rum, jin, martini, ursus, Tia Maria etc] (even with the addition of orange or lemon juice) and the simple cocktails cost 5 euro. This price stands for Greek drinks like Metaxa and the Naxian Kitron. The shots from normal drinks cost 2,5 euro and special drinks 3 euro.

Surely you can find different beers in our place, from Greek beers (Mythos, Fix), to Dutch beers (Heineken Amstel) and the classic Mexican Korona with the slice of lemon to escort it. For a 500 ml Amstel you pay 2,5 euro (!), while for Heineken, Mythos and Fix you pay 3 euro and 4,5 euro for the smaller Korona beer.
You can also buy the snaps they invented lately like Gordon Space, Bacardi Breezer, Smyrnof Ice for 5 euro.

In case you don’t want to pay that much for drinks, there is always local ouzo for 3 euro per glass or 3,5 euro with the addition of orange juice. You can also buy a small bottle of ouzo for 7 euro (250 ml) or you can have a glass of the local raki for 2 euro and a small bottle for 6. If you want rakomelo (raki with honey) that would be 2,5 per glass and 6 per bottle.

 The best thing about Flex bar is how much alcohol we fill the drinks with so if you want a light drink you better ask for it.

 We also make a cocktail for children, a fruit punch without the punch for only 2 euro!

Well, in case you do not wish to drink we make fresh lemonade for 2,5 euro (with lemons from our garden) and honey mellon, water mellon, orange, peach juice and mixed fruits juice for 4 euro.
Surely you can buy all kinds of refreshments too. Coca Cola, Coca Light, Fanta Blue, Fanta Red, Ice Tea, Sprite etc for 2 euro per can, big bottles of water for 1 euro and small bottles for 0,5 euro.

I know I started with drinks but this doesn’t mean we are not open in the daytime. As soon as the breakfast room closes (10.30) we open and you can even have breakfast with us classic or special (since we make the best yoghurt with fruit and honey). We make nice Greek coffee (small for 1,5 euro, double for 2,5 euro, Café Frappe (2,5 with ice cream 4 euro), Filter coffee (2 euro) and lots of different tea’s like black, green, mountain, mint etc for just 1,5 euro. We cannot make a proper espresso or a proper cappuccino like the one we tried in Italy so we prefer not to make this kind of coffee at all !!!

Since our moto is: if you can’t do it well, don’t do it at all we make THE BEST OMELET EVER with the ingredients you choose. A normal omelet (2 eggs ham cheese) costs 3,5 euro, a special meat omelet (sausage, ham, cheese, local cheese, tomato, pepper) costs 5 euro, a special vegetarian (onions, pepper, tomato, olives, cheese, local cheese) costs 5 euro and a Kouros omelet (with three eggs and everything inside) costs 7 euro.

We also make the best Greek (Naxian) Salad you ever tried for 5,5 euro.
Besides omelets and salads we make nice toasts (ham cheese) for 2 euro and much better sandwiches (ham cheese) for 2,5 euro. For every ingredients you add 0,5 extra charge.
I told you we make yoghurt with honey and fruits but did I say it costs 5 euro and it worth’s every penny?  We also make fruit Salads for 3,5 euro and Yoghurt with honey for 3 euro.

Hey, we also have nice ice creams, algida ice creams, for 2 euro per scoup, unless you want chocolate and cream for 1,5 euro per scoop. If you wish a milkshake (3 soups of ice cream) you can have it for just 5 euro.
That’s all folks, c u around Flex bar