What can you find in Apollon and what you can't


In Apollon (Apollonas) there are three hotels that cover any taste you might have for acomodation.

Hotel Adonis is located on the main road, at the center of the village and offers rooms for every taste with normal to cheap prices.The hotel offers rooms with nice view to the sea and the garden  also breakfast, and food if you wish to eat in your hotel.

Hotel Kouros with almost the same price range is 100 meter from the village in the middle of the beautiful pebble beach and 30 meters from the sea with breathtaking view. The hotel offers breakfast, sun chairs and it has a nice beach bar with wonderful cocktails.

Flora's appartments is located above the village very close to the "kouros type" statue of Dionysos, the biggest marble statue in the world. Ideal for families and people who want to cook their own food, with amazing view and really good prices.

Except the hotels there are cheaper solutions for the budget traveller (Rooms to Rent), but most of them have not their own pages and you have to look for them when you come here. There are some informations about rooms to rent under the hotel's links.
Before we move to the main street above the main (sandy) beach, where you will find the majority of the restaurants, cafeterias and souvenir shops, I think I better post  some pictures of the main road as you walk from the bus stop and one of the main beach...


In Apollon there is a mini market, with slightly expencive prices but he is the onlyone we can buy things when we need them and we need him for the winter as well, so please buy things from him instead of buying from Naxos town.


Akrogyali, is the oldest. The previous owner, Nikos, father of Lefteris, the former owner, was a legent among the tourists for his smile and he kindness. Lefteris, keep the flag high using his own style and having his large family to help him when he needs them. 100% proffesional service. Breakfast, fast food, drinks coffee etc.

Baywatch is right next to Lefteris at the center of the main (sandy) beach. This place change many owners and many names (Votsalo, Bonjai, Baywatch), I even remember that it opened as a place for souvlaki in the eighties. The former owner, Kostas, is new in Apollon and he is trying the best to become part of the community and I think he is going to stay for many years. In baywatch you will find the same products mentioned above plus some music with rock mood.

Capetan Michalis Cafeteria holds, probably, the best location from all the cafeterias in Apollon. Near the small and the big harbour Giannis, the owner, offers the usual cafeteria's goods, plus nice sweets compined with ice cream and nice mezedes (titbits) for your ouzo. Giannis is a proud and traditional person and he tries hard for the best of the village.

Except the cafeteria's at the main street, you can also have coffee, or even better, a few cocktails at Flex Bar, the beach bar in front of Hotel Kouros in the middle of the pebble beach. With new rock music and chill out attitude Flex bar offers something different.


 Nikos Jewellery shop is just what you need to buy a nice present for your friend, your family, or even better, yourselves. As I mentioned Nikos Jewellery is located at the main beach, between Venetiko restaurant and Akrogyali cafe with a variety of products from silver to gold, marble and ceramic  all of them made in Greece. Visit it.

Right next to Capetan Michalis in a small street you will find the little shop that creates handmade things with material from the sea and the land of Naxos. Amazing creations from an artistic family who dare opening such an original shop in our little town! 


Walking on the main road from the harbour, and after we cross Nikos jewelerrywe meet again Akrogyali and then Baywatch, and then the Mini Market and then on your right side check Delfinaki restaurant, the living history of Apollon. All these older guys, fathers of the guys who run the places now, they used to go to delfinaki to eat, drink and dance from the 50's and the restaurant is still there! Delfinaki offers the same range of food with the previous restaurants and many of the products Apostolis and his mother Despoina are using are their own.
 Right next to Delfinaki and above the main road, a little stair will lead you to Kalimera restaurant and Apostolis. I remember Apostolis from the old Kalimera, really brown with his sobrero looking like a mexican and making the best pizzas ever. Those time are over and now Apostolis and his wife cook solely with products from their garden and the meat is also their own. Eat meat and xynotyro and you will remember me.

Apollon restaurant (right next to Capetan Michalis) occupies a big part of the road above the main beach. The Andris Brothers that run the place are trying their best to offer proffesional service and good food with fare prices. The are specialised in cooked food, souvlaki, and fish not to mention that they fish themselves and sometimes you get to eat really fresh fishes.

Next to Apollon restaurant you will find Venetico restaurant with almost the same range of food. Stelios mother cooks like my mother and this is the best compliment I can give. Stelios also fishes and he uses his own products and his prices are really good.

Leaving the main beach and reaching the crossing, in front of Adonis hotel, that leads to Hotel Kouros, you will find the Nikos restaurant. We are talking about the same guy who had akrogyali in the old days. He just opened another place, a restaurant this time, and people just followed him! Now the place is managed beautifuly by his son Stelios, offering tasty mezedes, and fresh kalamari, and other things that I will not mention because I become hungry...

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